About Us

Peter Milec started in the painting business in 1973 and twelve years later opened the Color Your World store in Leamington – sharing 600 square feet of space with the painting business.  The store grew quickly and the product display area was expanded as the profits were turned into more paint and wallpaper.  By 1988, needing more floor space and higher visibility, a larger building was purchased to accommodate the burgeoning 1990’s wallpaper decorating trend.  Thanks to its loyal clientele, the business continued to grow.  In 1997 the opportunity to move to the current location came along – a large enough space to have the Color Your World store and the painting business under one roof.

In 2009 Color your World  as a franchise was phased out and the company steered us to SICO paints. We carry a special designer line. People love how it covers the walls, and the choice is spectacular. We now have a new name Peter Milec’s Decorating Centre and now carry many choices of Wall Metal Art, Window Blinds and Decorating items that pull your room together like a professional.

Is painting your bathroom in the plan? Do you like to use colour but have run into that nasty problem of streaking your walls? Let us walk you through how to prevent that from happening and introduce you to SICO’s new kitchen and bath products. Your decorating consultant, Heather has served Essex County for over 20 years.

Bring in that favourite colour by Colour Blocking. Cari can pull together colours to enhance your living space. With over 15 years of experience, she’ll guide you through the process.

Create that warm, cozy room with those rich, dark colours!  Debbie has been helping people just like you find the perfect mix of colours to create your unique space.

Painting your ceiling with colour may be just the change you need to add a special punch to your room. Bring in your pictures and let us help with those perfect colour combinations to make it work.

If you have wide or detailed trim and don’t want stray too far from the light colour, maybe the change should be in the gloss of the paint. Let us help you with the right choices for your space.

If you have an open concept home then one dominate colour should be carried throughout. Make your statement with accent colours unique to each individual area. Our decorating specialists will help you pull it all together.